Caritas Turkey


Mersin-Silifke Flood:

On March 2004, winter's fury reared its head again as heavy rain and melting snow caused floods in many places. Homes and businesses of 50,000 people in Silifke, Mersin, were flooded due to the fact that the water level of Gezende Dam was not lowered. It gave the greatest damage in Republicís history.

As usual, we had started our researches just after the flood. We sent our representatives and volunteers to the area. They negotiated and afterwards collaborated with the local authorities for Caritas Turkey aid distribution.

Caritas-Turkey purchased 1.000 blankets and 1.000 track suits. These materials have been delivered to the Crisis Center Managementís warehouse. The materials have been carried to the warehouse by Caritas representatives, church members and the students of the school.

Fr. Gregorio Simonelli and 7 members of Mersin Church, participated in distributing of the materials which the community contributed. The local church contributed 300 t-shirts, 50 track suits and 25 quilts.

Total Caritas contributions for the flood were Ä 14.646,39. Caritas-Italy contributed Ä 10.000 and we spent Ä 4.646,39 from the remaining funds of the SOA 25/2003 for this emergency sub-project.