Caritas Turkey


The Erzurum Earthquake

On April 2004, once again Caritas-Turkey interfered in an emergency right after 3 earthquakes that hit the same region in one week. Three earthquakes occurred in the villages of Erzurum Province, with a total of 10 deaths and 97 injuries and were followed by 400 aftershocks. Caritas-Turkey immediately started and completed its emergency relief operation. Our representative distributed 500 food packages to the most affected 2 villages of the district.
Apart from the food packages, 6 parcels of clothing were sent by Caritas-Iskenderun and distributed to these villages, too. A total of 4.741,36 has been used for this emergency sub-project.




For all of these above mentioned projects and sub-projects we spent a total of 109.520,45 Euros from the remaining funds of SOA Bingol 25/2003. The remaining amount is 21.891, 54. We are planning to keep this amount ready to be spent for possible future local and moderate disasters in Turkey, which face several each year.